What's my purpose?

Just start.

If you decided your purpose is to become a professional athlete you at least know you have to be in shape. So many of us sit around contemplating what sport we are designed to play that we never get ourselves in a position to see if we can even catch the ball. It is possible that instead of waiting on your purpose to miraculously appear to you in a dream, by the words of a special friend, or in a fortune cookie, that you begin to create your own destiny. The first step is to do something. It's not to read more, listen more, or pray more. You have to create value to become valuable. What are you producing? What are you creating? What problems are you solving? Purpose is a noun, but how to get there takes a verb; it takes action. What ever you think your purpose is, take responsibility of yourself to make actions towards it every day continuously. I once heard your blessing has already been gifted to you. It's up to your actions to retrieve it.