Swiper no Swiping

Hold your breath, it's processing...

Life shouldn't be like swiping your credit card when you've maxed out your credit limit.

I’ve lived on both ends of the card with days of lack and others with abundance. Sometimes you have to adjust your lifestyle to where you are and what you can afford. This isn't only true about money, but it's true about living a healthy life. As an adult, there are times I could have been more prepared at work. I could have been prayed up before leading the small group at church. I could have been more loving towards my wife and children. There are times I could have had more cash in my bank of life. Business is a withdrawal. Life as a parent is busy. Life as a student is crazy. Life as an entrepreneur is scary. It’s easy to make more withdrawals than deposits when there are so many daily transactions of tasks to do. We easily become overwhelmed and over commit to things. These daily withdrawals can out number the deposits we make in ourselves. Make a deposit in yourself. Go on vacation, love without baggage, take a time out and sit in peace, exercise, and eat healthy. Above all, say “No” when you are maxed out. Stop swiping your card of life and don't let others steel your joy….

Swiper no swiping!