Speech Class

"r".. "r".. "r".. "wabbit"...

It's almost comical how the struggle helps define your talents. I managed to be in speech class all the way through elementary school, only to stop in the 5th grade because it was not offered in middle school. Y'all it was bad.. I remember my mom just looking frustrated and disappointed every time she had to go over my speech homework. After so many years, you just kinda go through the motions. It's hilarious now, but the reality is I still really do not speak well... I still mumble and do not enunciate very well. No big deal right? Apparently I have a gift of speaking in front of people. Somehow I always manage to have a presentation or a speech to give in front of a large crowd. Oh well, I guess it didn't really hold me back after all.. The point is, don't be so hard on yourself. Your struggles will most likely help define who you are... Just know that you are not limited by your current ability or inability. When you are on the right path, a way will be made.

The struggle is real though.... ha!