Green Eyes

It can be a very unfair world, especially to those that don't fit in, like being tall, dark, and handsome. In order to get through this life as the best of you, it's imperative you latch on to something about you that makes you unique. We all have something. For me, it wasn't my height or my cool brown skin tone. It wasn't my bad eyesight paired with miniature aquariums for eye glasses. It wasn't even my light brown nappy hair that turns blonde at the roots during the summer.. It was my big light GREEN EYES. I call them, "My lady killers".. It get's them every time, especially the older ones. The ones that say "you remind me of my grandson".  haha!

All jokes aside, this is something that is unique to me that inspires my confidence and definitely helps with making eye contact. The point is we are all are unique and these are the things we need to help us subdue self consciousness. Find something about you that makes you unique in a way that makes you proud of who you are.